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February 2, 1990

To those (and only those) whom it may concern:

I am a free individual man, a breathing flesh-and-blood body, grateful for the life and the inalienable rights (including the right to travel by commnon means where there is a common right of way) which I have been given by God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. On Him alone I rely for the protection of the gifts He has given me. The Lord is my judge; the Lord is my lawgiver; the Lord is my king; it is He who will save me.

I was expelled from my motherís womb in a farm house on the prairie of midwestern North America, near the West Branch of the Floyd River, approximately forty miles north of where the Floyd River flows into the Missouri River, in the year of our Lord 1941. I praise God for the freedom of body and spirit which I enjoy as I serve my Creator on the land of my birth.

I am a forgiven sinner, saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. I have been given new life through the cleansing and renewing power of the Holy Spirit, who lives in me. I am inwardly a Jew, one of Abrahamís seed, an heir according to the promise, with a heart circumcised by the Spirit. I am a member of the Christian church, the body(corporation) of Jesus Christ. Under the jurisdiction of that corporation of Jesus Christ, created by His power and Spirit, I desire to live in accountable fellowship. I am a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, a disciple, servant, and ambassador of Jesus of Nazareth, Godís Son, the Messiah, King of kings and Lord of lords, to whom God the Father has given all authority in heaven and on earth, and to whom I give full and willing allegiance. I desire to obey His will, as revealed in the Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures.

Among the abstract concepts which comprise humanly created legal systems, I have no existence. I am not a citizen, denizen, resident, inhabitant, alien, nor any other such legal person existing within human political jurisdictions. These are abstract, artificial entities, within the abstract collectives of political jurisdictions, all brought into existence by creative human minds. I am not any such entity within any such jurisdiction. I exist only as a corporeal man. I do not claim any franchises, privileges, or other contractual benefits created through the legal codes of human political governments. I live without (outside) legal systems created by men, so that I may live exclusively within the jurisdiction of my God.

I desire to obey all the laws of God which apply commonly to all people. I accept full responsibility for my actions. If it is alleged that I have caused harm or damage to someone, please tell me clearly and precisely the charge against me, the alleged facts on which this charge is based, the alleged evidence of these facts, who are the alleged witnesses, and who is the alleged victim. Only if there is alleged evidence that I have caused harm or damage can anyone lawfully take me into any court.   

I love you. If you have become a citizen of the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ, I embrace you as my brother or sister. If you have not, I extend to you Godís invitation to become a member through faith in Jesus Christ, the risen Lord. May God bless you.