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My Only True Name

August 4, 1993

Dear Relatives and Friends,

You may remember the letter which I sent to many of you early last year, regarding my name and address. I said then that my name was John, that I was a steward of Jesus, and that if you needed a longer label you could use John (family name), John Steward of Jesus, Painter John, or any other appropriate label.

For more than a year now, I have introduced myself in new contexts as John Steward of Jesus. During that time I have not objected to other labels, hoping to live peacefully, to avoid offense, and to avoid the implication that I did not feel good about my “family” name.

I now realize that my use of more than one surname has caused more problems than it has solved. It has created confusion and offense as often as it has avoided them. I have also learned that, when breaking ties with the secular legal system, it is very helpful to renounce the name which put one into the system through a birth certificate, social security number, driver’s license, marriage license, insurance policies, bank signature cards, credit cards, etc.

For the above reasons, I am sending this letter to say clearly:
My name is John Steward of Jesus. Because this label identifies my calling and my master, it is my only true and complete name. Only this name correctly identifies me in public, formal, legal, or official contexts. Only this name will be recognized on letters.

Please note the following address for correspondence. (It is new to most of you.)
John Steward of Jesus
VIA (number and street)
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501

We do not have telephone service. We have not been able to get it because we do not have “positive legal identification” from a secular government. Revelation 13:17 may be closer than we realize.

Your patience in this matter is appreciated. I ask for your
forgiveness for any offense I may have caused in this process. May you experience the peace and joy of Jesus Christ in all things.

Sincerely, (John Steward of Jesus)

Please note also that my name is now Mary Steward of Jesus.