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Boarding Airplanes

January 27, 2007

For what it is worth and for the record, I report that the experiences my wife and I have had confirm in my opinion that the airlines are not "obligated to require positive identification" of all passengers boarding their aircraft.

Over the past ten years or more, we have flown tens of thousands of miles on various airlines using Kingdom of Heaven passports, which are not "recognized" by the kingdoms of the world as "positive identification".

The practical reality is that about half the times when we use them the inspectors do not realize they are not "recognized" identification. When they do, and then come to realize that we regard them as legitimate, and that we have no other, we are selected for special handling so that our luggage and bodies are given full examination, and then we are permitted to board and be on our way.

Our experience suggests that the airlines (ultimately in the person of the pilot of the plane) have the authority to accept passengers for boarding without "recognized" identification. If they have examined your luggage and your body, and have the impression that you are not dangerous, what risk remains? They do want more of our "business" (money).