March 31, 2007

Apparently I am taking a step onto a website in cyberspace.

Those who know me realize that I am a latecomer to the computer world.  Navigating the web is a challenge for me.  Putting a site together is even more of a challenge.

So, why am I doing it? 

My only answer is that I have concluded that it is something I must do.
Others have put the opportunity before me.  You know who you are.  I thank you. 

If I have a correct impression of what this site may be used for, it will be one of many means which better enable those of us who are "seeking the kingdom", who desire to be better followers of Jesus, to learn to live as His people and minister in His name.

For decades I have been learning what it is to live as a follower of King Jesus, as a citizen in the kingdom of heaven (kingdom of God), giving allegiance to Him alone as the One elected by the Father to have all power in heaven and on earth, without citizenship in any of the coercive kingdoms of the world.

In this learning process I have traveled from the west coast to the east coast of North America, meeting many others who are seeking the kingdom.  We are a scattered and lonely flock.  In recent years my wife and I have been blessed with fellowship with many other kingdom seekers who are near enough to where we spend our time so that we are able to see each other weekly or more.  It is one of the richest blessings available to people in this life.

If this site is used to promote more fellowship among the followers of Jesus, either at a distance or face-to-face,  I will give thanks.  At the same time,  I and this site are available for whatever use the Lord has in mind. 

At present I do not intend to include a forum for open participation.  But I do invite you to use the "Mailform" to send your reactions and suggestions.  I will try to respond to each of you, and may report your input, giving full respect to your privacy.

In full public view on the front of the house where I sit are the words which will apply to this site as well:

       Jesus is King.
        Here.  Now.

To help those interested to better understand my sense of identity, I am putting in the "archives" section of the site a copy of a letter which was recently printed in the "letter to the editor" section of the local (Hutchinson, Kansas) newspaper.   As time permits, the "archives" will include copies of other previous writings.

May the Creator bless all of us, and use us to bless others.